Beautiful New 2009 Mid Night Wine Telecaster with B & G Bender For Sale!

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The Benders are B & W Benders installed by them. The b bender has a long stroke. It has strap locks and also has a custom pick guard. It comes with a new thick padded Fender gig bag.

  • No Routing of the Exterior of the Telecaster Guitar was Necessary to Install the B & G Bender

  • The Bender installed adds virtually no additional weight to your Telecaster Guitar

  • The B Bender lever attaches to the neck strap at its original position allowing for the Telecaster Guitar to Hang Normally.

  • The tension of the B Bender can be adjusted by the player to the players preference

  • The amount of pull is also adjustable. You can pull from zero to two full notes.

  • All parts are machined for a perfect fit and installed by a professional.

This is a Steal at Only $1197 . Plus Shipping


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We are an affiliate of B&W Benders and they do all of the installation.

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